Digital Listening


We offer to help you understand your audience better, update you with the newest trend in the industry, and provide you insights regarding your digital performance.

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Hearing with our eyes, and seeing with our ears.

Monitoring conversations related to your brand or competitions on major digital channels, real time (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, News Portal, Blog & Forum).

The only platform you can depend on. We are here for you in desperate times with access to all information at your fingertips.

From personalisation to individualisation

Ripple10 is using emotion analytics and OCEAN personality model to get a thorough insight on your customers behavior.

Whether it is for brand campaign, market research, PR monitoring, to management & decision making digital pos, you are all set with us!

Virality Check point.

Designing for virality is now achieveable and measureable. Check your potential reach for your every posts, and ensure your engagement KPI is met.

Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia!

There is a fine line between a curse and a praise in our diverse vocabulary. Our system can detect Bahasa Indonesian slang, everyday language, and our formal local language.

Remain calm, but Stay alert!

Don’t worry, our early warning system will alert you regarding any concerns related to your issues.

Digital is a battlefield and we got your back!

Ensembling marvels can’t get any easier than this! We grant you the access to run a command center from your office or home.

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